West Virginia, USA

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Oscar Wilde said We ought not to misbehave; but we ought to appear as if we could. My dad said I'm all for wine, women and song. But Rio? Okay, here's my first confession: I have 2-pack abs, which are arguably better than the six-pack version because you still have a solid base with some definition without the attendant neurosis that comes from excessive food control. Also, when did the ability to segue from pulling weeds in your jeans to attending a Black Tie event become the litmus test for a person's desirability? Is everyone on this site an event planner? I went to six Black Tie events in 2007 and at every one people looked like they were heading in to have a root canal. When was the last time you heard a great chef say On thursday I'm doing this Black Tie for 400 people. Every time I'm sitting there eating some bad lamb dish and listening to an overpaid actor try to guilt trip me into opening my pocketbook, I think...I could be pulling weeds out of my garden. In 2008, I'm going to pull back to three events. I have a pretty interesting group of friends covering a number of professions and ethnicities. I was near the top of my class in college (Magna Cum Laude)and have made my mark as a businessman but I often wonder if it really impacts the way I'm judged. I can fit in anywhere but I'm neither bourgeois nor a social mountaineer...I've always believed that the right people are those who like you enough to give you the benefit of the doubt and appreciate you apart from what you do for a living.

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