Tennessee, USA

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i'm a student studying music and psychology and i'll be done in august. sweet jesus! i plan on going to grad school, and then i'm going to pursue a career in music therapy, hopefully for a children's hospital. look it up, i don't feel like explaining what music therapy is on here, just know that i will have one of the greatest jobs ever. except for the host of those travel channel shows who rates all of the 5 star resorts, that would be better. (message me if you know how i can get that job.) i love going to local restaurants. i love wine, especially with good friends and good conversation. i am very blunt. some people like me, others don't. i have very little patience for stupidity. i love to laugh, sometimes i cry despite my best efforts. i can't wait to be a mother. i think it will be my greatest accomplishment, but at the same time i can TOTALLY wait to be a mother. :) i'm terrible at chess but i like to talk smack. i like to listen to other people's stories. sometimes i pick bad movies. i eat carbs and i'm never going to stop that. i'm currently training to do my first half marathon. i'm really excited about it, but i don't really know what i'm doing, so training tips would also be nice. i look forward to the future and i have no regrets from my past.

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Age 37
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