Michigan, USA

A little bit about me

I wake up every morning, it is a fresh start, a blessing to be able to make different choices than I did yesterday. I find my happiness by making great things happen to both myself and those around me. My success is a beautiful opiate as it did not grace me with it's presence by my simply waiting for it to happen I willed it to come. Did I do it right? Oh yes, every day is a new event. People ... hhmmm ... almost a two edge sword. I do the best I can to learn about them, definitely showing my true colors, and living life to the fullest with the ones I learn to like/love. Regardless I am discovering with every person I meet more and more about myself? Now, id prefer to be gone with the right man, having to much fun together. my friends think I would be a good reality show due to how eventful my life is every day.

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Age 52

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