Maine, USA

A little bit about me

I'm not your typical woman. Really. I got a little lucky in the looks department but I'm pretty low maintenance. I'm a jewelry designer so I work with torches, metal and stone and I love it. You will probably NEVER see me with perfectly manicured nails. (sorry!) I'm definitely ALL WOMAN but grew up very much a tomboy. I'm an only child and I think my dad wished he had had a boy. The result: Sexy woman who can hang with the guys and is strong, confident and self sufficient! I have no problem taking charge when I need to and can give up control when someone else has more knowledge or experience in a given situation. I am a great problem solver. I love to cook and also love to have someone cook for me. An ideal romantic evening with someone special would be in the kitchen cooking together....maybe experimenting with a new recipe or simply "winging it" and sharing a bottle of wine followed by a candlelit dinner for two. I love to laugh and enjoy being a little silly. To give you an example: Last summer I epoxied a quarter to the brick sidewalk outside my store. It was pretty funny watching people try to pick it up. What was better was that almost everyone who tried, laughed when they realized that it was stuck there. The quarter lasted about a week before the epoxy gave it up. Note to self: get industrial strength epoxy next time. :-) Most important, my glass is always half full no matter what curve ball is thrown my way (and believe me...owning a jewelry store in this Shi**y economic downturn is definitely a curveball). I love my life and feel that it's about time I meet someone worthy of sharing it with me. I am honest, trustworthy and NOT A JEALOUS TYPE! I socialize with a lot of people and sometimes come off as a flirt so I need someone who wouldn't mind that. I enjoy travelling and actually DRIVE to Arizona from Maine and then back every year. I take my time, see the sights and even do a little diamond hunting in the Arkansas mud! I've been to Europe several times, Asia, Tropics too, .....I'd LOVE to hit Australia and have always wanted to see the ruins of Pompeii. I'd love to check out the Cannes Film Festival and party with some of the celebs who own my jewelry. (any offers?) I think I'd need to clone about 10 more of me to be able to see and do everything that I'd like to do in my life! Perhaps we can do it together. ;-)

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Age 40
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