Illinois, USA

A little bit about me

I'm a very adventurous person, not a thrill seeker, but an explorer. I love trying new and different things. I'm very curious and fascinated by everything. I like to stay active as possible - traveling, hiking, mountain climbing, scuba diving, kayaking, and all kinds of outdoor activities ... you know the regular bla bla bla that everyone says in these things. I work hard so I tend to value my free time and try to experience as much of life as possible because tomorrow holds no guarantees. I asked my best friend to help me with this question/section and she had a better idea. She said that she'd write it for me. So, here it my best friends words...I didn't edit any part. Tom is a very high quality person who truly values his friendships. He's a great friend. He's intelligent, emotionally and financially secure. He's a sensitive and caring person but is also very confident and self-assured, not haughty. He has a very unique appreciation and boyish curiosity for the little things in life which makes him very interesting. He'll stop and stare at a flower totally fascinated by its intricacies. He's ambitious, hard working, very devoted to his careers but is also a very spontaneous rebel which makes him fun to be around. He's got a passion for everything he does - his intensity is contagious. He loves to laugh and is a true old school romantic gentleman.

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Age 60
Other, Other, Other

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