Idaho, USA

A little bit about me

I think of myself as an intellectual on a constant pursuit for enlightenment. I love to read and learn (psychology, religion, and philosophy are my loves!) I love art- I paint mostly but dabble in other areas. I'm a hard working college student- psychology major. My friends say I am insane- I'm always the goofy, crazy, funny one of the group. I just always want to have fun and I am always me, regardless. The typical girl to come on this site is one who wants someone to pay for everything for them; that's not me. Curiosity often wins me over :) I can have fun doing just about anything and loving trying things that I never have before. I'm an adrenaline junkie, a football fan (mostly NCAA), and I have a sweet tooth :) I am always me, flaws and all. I don't feel that we should be ashamed of a characteristic we have (ie: I can be so clumsy! And I'm a crazy driver!) just because society says it isn't an appropriate characteristic, therefore you should change it. Then, wouldn't we all be the boring same bunch? No thanks. I love being me, crazy, silly, compassionate, strong and bold! I live to love and care for others. Being able to give a good dose of compassion to a lot of people, each day, is my purpose. And what a blessing to know :)

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Age 36
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