Colorado, USA

A little bit about me

I usually pop out of bed with a huge smile when I see the morning sunlight filtering in through the blinds. To me it's like, "Cool I'm still alive!" Most people would call me overly-driven but I'd describe myself as sweet, very kind, and funny in an off-centered way. I love a man who can make me laugh, and I laugh easily. I truly have my own sense of humor and crack myself up all of the time. I've been told I'm a bit of a wise-arse, but of course I don't agree. I am guilty of being pretty blunt though. I have an honest face, and it's easy to read, but I'm also known to speak up...quite a bit. LOL! Funny thing, when I was younger I was such a nerd. I NEVER spoke, just read books. Book after book after book after book... I grew up and something happened. I changed and then again I didn't. I'm no pushover, but I'm still very much a nerd!

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Age 56

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