West Berkshire, UK

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Simplicity is life, life is simplicity, why complicate it? Truly amazing person with a wicked sense of humour, nice, special, witty, easy going, caring, fun loving, and down to earth so I've been told. Do all lot of charity/volunteer work have worked in hospises and to see those kids smile and hear their laughter is worth more than words can say - so I'm speechless, where did all the humanity go? Making my dreams a reality and I love a challenge. Sincere genuine honest person who speaks her mind and likes like minded people, rare nowadays, there far to much pretentiousness. Live and let live. Believe in myself. Life is what you make it so make it a good one you only get one chance at it so live it to the max. Have positive attitude, the word IMPOSSIBLE doesn't exit coz when you break it down it's POSSIBLE! Everyone deserves a chance in life, someone gave you/me a chance at some point. Treat everyone with repect and repect everyone and every living thing. Appreciate and be appreciated, love and be loved, adore and be adored, give and receive with gratitude and thanks everyday. Treat people as you would expect to be treated. Look within yourself and open your heart. Guess I'm a deep person don't do shallow..That my friends is enough of that was married for 18yrs have 3 beautiful is not about missing someone it's about being missed and having the special connection on every level. Interests - music, dancing, reading, cooking, interlectual discussions, art, theatre, cinema, enjoying life, romance, laughter, sunrises, sunset, walking on the beach on a clear starry night with the moon shining, feeling the sand between your toes, beaches, travelling lots of travelling. I love seafood but will try almost anything and love to cook. I can speak a little French but would love to learn more about lots of things isn't that what life's all about? Ciao/Au Reviour/Salaam/Namaste. Thanks for taking the time to read my blurb..

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