Strathclyde, UK

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I am an independent, outgoing and bubbly girl who loves to laugh, love and enjoy life. I have a fairly wicked sense of humour and try to see the funny side of most things. I am told that I am very kind, affectionate, caring, a loyal friend, a very good listener and will do anything for my friends and loved ones. My motto in life is "live and let live" and I never judge but always try and consider both sides to every situation. I am very gregarious and love being around others. I'm happiest when with loved ones and friends. Whether a night out, family gathering or one on one I always enjoy the company I am with. I also have my serious side and although I enjoy playing hard, I work very very hard when I have to be serious and sensible and family life with my little boy is very important to me. That said I am very down to earth and try not to take myself too seriously. I have an interest in life, the universe and everything and always try to make time for the news and a newspaper. Friends often laugh at my tendancy towards interesting and useless facts of the world and that I secretly love general knowledge and quizzes - points deducted from my Street Cred! I am originally from London but moved to Glasgow 13 years ago and am now settled here. I don't have a cockney accent (most people ask!) I like to go back on a regular basis to visit friends and family (always a good excuse for a weekend away!) but love Scotland and am very happy here. After becoming very tired of the dating cattlemarket that you find in most bars and clubs (lots of frogs not many princes!!) I have decided to try the internet dating revolution as I would like to meet a fun, outgoing, driven, confident guy who is considerate, attentive and sensitive too (not scared to show his romantic side) for a meaningful and lasting relationship. Men with issues, wives, strange behaviour, paranoia, arrogance, selfishness and bad habits need not apply! lol

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Age 48

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