Staffordshire, UK

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Anyway, its a long profile but its who i am and what im name is Heather Cowley and im from Stoke-on Trent, Staffordshire , England. I have a young outlook on life and believe in living life to the full .I like having a go at new and different things and believe life should be about having fun, making people smile, but also about caring, respecting and appreciating things and people. I am a very easy going person, very open minded, non judgemental and am considerate to others. I love training and boxing at the gymn and go most days,i like extreme sports, i used to ski but i am now a snowboarder through and through, I enjoy wakeboarding, biking, walking, snorkelling n have done some scuba diving, abseiling, paragliding. I also do some kick boxing, and used to do taekwondo, judo and mud wrestling... ha, only joking about the mud wrestling but i bet it got a few of you guys interested for a bit, soz. I like nice modern bars and restaurants,I love funky house music cos it makes me happy n smiley,i like dance clubs( i can dance for hours )i like going to concerts ,theatre, and the cinema, anything really. I also love to chill out at home,in front of the TV...but its nicer if you have someone to snuggle up to...i love cuddles and kisses..doesnt everyone? Most of all i like making people laugh,having fun n being with someone who I can share all this with. I love doing silly things, being spontaneous and different. I also love to talk and am looking for someone that i can have an intelligent conversation with, but also that special someone that i can talk nonsense with for also a good listener, n have a very caring nature... comes with the work i do as a think lifes too short for arguments, and i dislike bickering so i try to be calm and understanding as much as possible. Lastly i think everyone should smile and appreciate the things that they have got,rather than thinking about what they havent smiling and saying hi to at least one other person a day..go on , give it a go n i bet you feel good cos everyone smiles back. So if you have a similar outlook on life n possibly similar interests, or just want another friend to talk to please feel free to get in touch. I do tend to prefer guys alot younger than me generally. Im after someone genuine, caring and fun to be with,someone who i feel that spark with,who wants to be friends, hang out, date n maybe who knows... if you are the right person for me then you are bound to bring out my naughty, mischievous,wicked side too x

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Age 57

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