South Lanarkshire, UK

A little bit about me

I was born and raised in South Africa. I recently moved to Scotland to be with my family and to find a better life for myself. I am studying to be a veterinary nurse as I am very passionate about all animals. I am an intelligent, spunky, down to earth woman and I hate dishonesty! I am loyal, loving, understanding and open-minded. I am intelligent and love a good stimulating conversation. I believe that is happiness and contentment cannot be bought and is in fact a state of mind. I am looking for friendship and to meet my soulmate. I believe that there is no such thing as luck, the things I have achieved in life are as a result of my blood, sweat and tears. I am a gentle, emotional, soulful person and I don't like it when people pass judgements on others. I also believe that there are more important things than getting nails and hair done once a week! I have volunteered for many animal welfare organisations and don't have a problem with getting my hands dirty and doing some good old fashioned hard work! I am honest and a hopeless am grounded in the real world and I don't feel that I have any superfluous/irrational/romantic expectations. I believe that "this too shall pass", which keeps me hopeful. I love children, dancing and travelling and can be shy at times. I have been described by friends as a firecracker and sweetheart, I am always there for family and friends. I am extremely strong emotionally and tend to try carry the world on my shoulders. I am open and hide nothing as I have nothing to hide! I try not to have regrets and live life appreciating what I have in my life! I am looking for a friend or partner that has similar beliefs and values. :)

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Age 40
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