Slough, UK

A little bit about me

I'm a kind and caring person who likes a bit of escapism and fun in her life. I enjoy reading and writing fiction, and going to the cinema or watching telly hugging someone I love. Although I wouldn't say I'm outdoorsy, I do like to go for walks (I lived in Wales for four years and went walking a lot there) and spending time in the sunshine. I enjoy the company of intelligent and educated people, I like ethical and moral debates as well as playing games and joking around. I'm not a party-goer, not keen on big crowds or loud noises. I much prefer small groups or one-to-ones, although I usually get on well with people and am not afraid of chatting to people I don't know. I'm adaptable and hard-working, and have always provided a warm and comfortable environment for those who live with me. I am ideally looking for someone who likes his own space and understands that I need mine too, but who is willing to share a love for life and some happy moments with me.

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Age 39
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