North Yorkshire, UK

A little bit about me

Hello, I've worked as a chef most of my time but have a great passion for charity..with which i'm in the process of setting up; i've studied art, 3D design and Sculpture and would like to study many other things; i have a great passion for wildlife and nature and worship Sir David Attenborough. I enjoy all types of music especially Pink floyd,Kate Bush,Barabra Streinsland,Slipknot,Tori Amos,ACDC, War Of The Worlds/Richard Burton and love waking up to Classic FM; I would/will love to meet Sir David Attenborough, Craig Bush/Lion Man, Richardson/Dangerous Companions, David Gilmore/Pink Floyd, Anthony Hopkins.....I would have loved to have met, Jeremy Brett/Sherlock Holmes, Spike Milligan and Bill Hicks. My aim apart from ruling the world is to see everyone at their full potential....what a world!

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Age 49

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