Middlesbrough, UK

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Hi i'm Gary I live in Yarm which is near Middlesbrough hence why I put that on my profile! I'm 30 years of age with no family or an ties at all! I have joined a sucessful company recently and will make some good money this year so my stock will rise lol! I love all sports and support Liverpool FC. I am a fan of watching most sports though such as Rugby Union and Leahue, Cricket, Dart, Formula 1 (Well the start and finish), Athletics and to many to mention.! I love music and go to festivals such as T in the Park and The V festival. I often go to concerts and enjoy all types of music from pop to Indie! Well anything that sounds good and has goo lyrics is fine by me! I enjoy reading books and loved reading the Twlight books! The place I can usually be found is at work or in the pub with friends as good fun is always a laugh!

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Age 43
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