East Dunbartonshire, UK

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I work hard and have enjoyed the Good and the Bad times, but would love that special person to come into my life, to both be able to enjoy the future adventures of being together and not alone, and asking what this shirt looks like, instead of asking a stranger. I am 5'11 in height, off slim build, I try where possible to work out five times a week, am a Retired Army Officer, now working in the commercial Risk Management field. I am Scottish by birth, only returning to Northumberland recently, there is lots to do and see. However still looking for utopia where ever that may be. I believe that I am a very warm and approachable person, love the company of others, music, reading, really do love cooking, shopping, conversation, DIY, enjoy the outdoors, long country walks, but also those end of the day curl up on the sofa moments with the love of your life to just be able to enjoy the special moments, a nice bottle of wine, listening to music, DVD or just light romantic conversations. I like too think that I treat people as I would hope to be treated myself, I am positive about the future, along with that well used statement "Life is so very short, never knowing what is round the corner" I hope to live it to the full, care to join me :-) I enjoy many things with enough experience in life to know that money and materialism does not necessarily = happiness. I know what it is to be hungry, also to have plenty. I have served the homeless on the soup runs, and dined with Royalty. My many life experiences have given me the wisdom to understand that life is as unpredictable as the weather but as consistent as the seasons. Perseverance, passion and patience will endure through many of the turmoil's, tribulations and triumphs of this incredible journey called life. "Just maybe this is our time" You will know and I will know ... chemistry and harmony between 2 souls does not require words!! x Thank you for stopping by, all the very best to all in their quest :-) I believe that your soul mate is out there somewhere, hope this is the chance to meet her x

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