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Am Jane rebbeca Dagg and am a very sexy and a homely girl who is very young and smart in all aspect of life, every one closer to me are always in like of me due to my sincerity and seriousness in life Am 24 yrs old girl who is just trying to pick up with life, i am was running a very big supermek called (RICHO BEN) i had to start working there after i rounded up from school and b4 i did... i lost my dad a year ago.. It was so pain full because i never had the chance to meet my dad since i became an adult .. i saw and spent time with my dad when i was just 8 to 9 years old, i pray to forgive my mom for this because if she has never left my dad i would never have missed my dad this much, my mum is from a country i never loved and i ended up growing up with my mum which makes me knew much about the country its never a good place to write about but rely all this never occurred to me until i lost my DAD and i was invited by his attorney who took care of the burial and the law, He invited me to come over after all the necessary stuffs has been over, so i had to leave my mums country to my Dad's place after getting there i went ahead to meet with him in his office and we rely talked at lent , Rely all i was invited for was nothing else than how i am to take over all he ever has worked for in his entire life and in his note, he said he re greeted that he never gave birth to male child the reason he said that was because he be lives that i decided to stay up with my mum and never came looking for him and he feels that if i was a male child i would have asked for him and come for him as his only was so painful for me to know about that ... i pry i find a place in my heart to forgive my mum.... Since then i had to start working at the supermarket he left over but it's not yet fully willed out to me because His Lawyer told me and showed me the written documents which stated that am his only child and am not allowed take over whole properties or any of his companies until am married or fall in love with some one reasonable because his properties can only be run or taken over by a male heart... a female has no mind and not capable of running or managing the whole empire of his type... So i toke over the little once which can be managed by my self and my Fathers Lawyer who is like a Father had to register me on this dating site and assured me that i will find a man who will love me for who i am and not what i am and who will be there for me and faithful to me and take good care of my tender heart till the end of my days. if you think you are kind and sweet and matured minded dint hesitate to contact me because the series of dates i have hard at the past did not work they are all self centered and play arrounds so this time i do not want any one whit a chicken heart i intend to date elderly men. wishing my self the best of luck in searching.. Jane rebbeca Dagg

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