Dorset, UK

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I really hate having to try and sell myself but here goes..... My name is Sophie and i'm currently studying up in Lancashire although originally from Poole on the South coast. I spend my time either studying up North, on leave down South or on container ships anywhere in the world! My lifestyle means It's pretty difficult to meet anyone and ive come too terms with the prospect of winding up an old spinster with a couple of cats! Why am I here?..... Well, I was on facebook and a window popped up advertising this site and I thought it could be interesting (plus it's a welcomed distraction from doing the work I probably should be doing). In my spare time I like to write, play badminton, swim, go walking..... generally anything that gets me out and about/away from a computer screen! I am also about to take up sailing which should be fun, if not slightly cold! Well, i'll stop waffleing now but thanks for stopping by and feel free to drop me a line if you'd like to find out more!

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Age 37

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